The Plan

The team will arrive on the Island November 15 and will be active starting Friday November 16th until Tuesday November 27th.

The station will be at:

Operation will be  10-160 meter in CW/SSB/RTTY and some FT8

Focus will be on Europe. Tonga is on the most wanted list #70 for Europe (#57 for Western Europe)

 IOTA:  OC-049 Tongatapu group

The station:

  • K3 + Tokyo High Power 1.1 KW
  • K3 + Expert 1.3
  • K2 + homemade amplifier 600W
  • Interfaces Microham MK2

Logging: WIN-test and WSJT.


  • 160m    inverted L
  • 80m      vertical
  • 40m      vertical
  • 30m      VDA
  • 20m      VDA
  • 17m      VDA
  • 10/12/15m        combined vertical